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  • BBS GTs
  • 9,600 bps
  • MUDs
  • ANSI
  • z-modem

Do you remember?



            Were you building
facebook-style communities
  while Mark Zuckerberg 
                    was still in grade school?

Time to get back into the game!

The Worldgroup BBS is back - in the form of web-based Social Networking.  Are you ready to cash in on yourknowledge and experience? Are you ready to take your place as a leader of the next generation of online communities? Then download the latest version of Worldgroup and get back in the saddle!

NEW: We've recently added gamification tools to our popular Social Networking software platform. Gamification works by taking advantage of a person's psychological predisposition to engage in gaming, and can be used to improve consumer loyalty and engagement by incentivizing your users with points, badges and special offers for performing positive actions on your site.